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History Love Message
Don Bennechi Single Message Of Love

Message Of Love

History of this EP became a huge hit in Asia and is frequently being downloaded. Don made his song “Message Of Love” in both English and Italian. Furthermore, on this EP you´ll find two more songs in Italian, “Vicino A Te” and “Mille Parti”.

Don Bennechi U Arrows Of Love
Don Bennechi U Arrows Of Love

U (Eternal Time)

In this absolutely beautiful song Don shines as he shares his affections. The second song, “Arrows of love”, is the perfect complement to the A-track. Soft, laid back and with a pleasant smoky night club quality to it.

History L'Italiano Sleeve song


On this single we have the pleasure of presenting Don singing in Italian. The first song is an up-tempo, Latinstyle suggestive version of L’Italiano (Lasciatemi Cantare). The second song “Pace Nella Mente” is a suggestive and exciting production. Don takes us on a journey through life, where the message is that most of us may have almost everything, but “Peace of mind”.

History This is Solitude Sleeve


The single ”Solitude” contains three songs that convey thoughts about life, loneliness and the dream of finding True Love! The first song ”What about me” is a story of longing and a desire for intimacy. In a mix where reality and dreams of the past unite, one can sense the pain of loss.

In “My life” Don describes a feeling of being passed over by life itself, as told in the lyrics (”My life goes on without me”…)

The third song is about loneliness. To approach this subject Don chose the huge international hit “All by myself”, to make his very own interpretation.

My Child song
History My Child

My Child History

Don re-enters with yet another emotional love song. However, this time he approaches another aspect of love: A father´s love for his child.
Don composed this song during a separation. It conveys different feelings involved in this type of life-changing situation, such as sadness, despair and reconciliation. And certainly but not least, the pure endless love parents have for their children.
In the society we live in today many people unfortunately experience breakups where children are involved. Anyone affected by this type of emotional trauma can probably relate to this song. Don dedicates this song to his children. But it is also an attempt on his behalf to remind any parents, who decide to go their separate ways, to always remember their children’s needs and welfare as the number one priority.

History I Will Get Over You song
I will get Over You

I Will Get Over You

When Don first heard this song he was very touched by its contents. He then decided to make an english version with his own attributes. The lyrics is about surviving a love loss. How to hold on to the memories, live in the past and still have faith in the future.

History Don Bennechi Africa L'été Indian
Africa L’ été Indian

Africa L’ été Indian

Originally known as ”L’ été Indian”. Now for the first time in English – although the refrain remains in French. Added is an African choir chanting in Kilari – the native language of Congo – Brazzaville.
The song “Africa” describes a man missing his native soil. He longs for the open landscapes and the savannah of his homeland. Feeling choked by the concrete djungle in the western world and the hysteria in its people – he wants nothing more – but going home.
The song is steaming with African suggestive beats and rhythms. A curiosity is that the song was initially written in English. But until Dons interpretation was released, it had only been performed in French by Joe Dassin.

History Dance Me To The End Of Love Song
Dance Me To The End Of Love

Dance Me To The End Of Love

Quite some time ago, we made a recording with Don, singing "Dance Me To The End Of Love" as Leonard Cohen has been one of Don´s favourites for most of his life. For one reason or the other, it never got released and then finally fell into oblivion.
The unfortunate demise of Mr. Leonard Cohen unavoidably rekindled the thought of perhaps releasing the song anyway. "Perhaps", since such a move, it for obvious reasons could easily be misinterpreted (taken for a cheap publicity stunt.) We therefore hesitated, thinking long and hard about it.
Finally we decided to give it a go!
It has been produced by Mr. Ulf Wahlberg, known from Secret Service, arranged by Don himself and topped off with an amazing performance on violin as an important part of the song.
This is Don´s tribute and interpretation of "Dance Me To The End Of Love". We hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!

History Bodytalk Song


The single “Bodytalk” is an up-tempo, almost explosive track aimed for the dance floor. If you are familiar with the typical Bennechi sound you will be surprised by this exciting new release. It differs a lot from Don´s earlier work, and is indeed unlike anything he´s ever done before.

History Lifelong Prisoner Song
Lifelong Prisoner

Lifelong Prisoner

Lifelong Prisoner is a song dedicated to all of you out there… Every single one of us has probably at some point in life felt out of place – like we didn’t fit in. This song is Don´s honest confession about being in that place. Lifelong Prisoners… In our love, in our work, in our lives…

History A Life For Me Song
A life For Me

A Life For Me

A few years ago Don heard “The Real group”, the internationally known vocal ensemble, and was impressed by their sound as well as the variation in their repertoire. Especially the song ”A Life For Me” captured his emotions. Don took on the challenge of making his own interpretation, with a new arrangement and approach. The author of the song, Anders Edenroth, has warmly endorsed this new version.

History Can´t Break Down Song
Cant break Down

We are happy to announce that the new music-video “Can’t Break Down” is released.


The Swedish newspaper Expressen was first to launch the release. With approximately 2,6 million readers/viewers including the web.

The video is directed and produced by Axel Petersén & Måns Månsson (Avalon, The real Estate, Yarden).

An exciting track about human desire, running and hiding, and that one

“Can’t break down” no matter what.

History Hit The Last Nail Song
Hit The Last Nail

Hit the last nail

Don’s latest contribution to the musicworld, Hit the last nail, is based on a true, ongoing story. It describes the complexities of being human and how we’re often required to use a variety of masks to fit in. And how we, in the end, are forced to face ourselves.

This Masquerade Sleeve
This Masquerade

This Masquerade

We are happy to announce the latest creation and interpretation by Don! This Masquerade, reflects a journey called life, where the masquerade unfortunately continues…

We all live in a “masquerade” says Don, where various masks, often portray someone we want to be, or think that we are, in different occasions in life. But yet, one must realize, that the empty words and the games we play, and the masks we carry, does not serve any purpose, except that we, in the end, might be deceived… Nevertheless, the games between us all, and within ourselves – continues, which Don in his interpretation, try to convey to the listeners.

History That Day song don bennechi
That Day

That Day

There is a journey that we all must take, alone. Yet, in the end, it is a journey that we all must share.
All of our experiences, the lessons we learn, our desire for genuine connection, the masks we wear and the games we play, when we fail to achieve it, they all prepare us for this journey, while at the same time making us more vulnerable to its inevitable end.
The journey is called life… and in this track, Don reflects on the ways we cope with the journey’s complexity and hardships and on the ways we prepare ourselves to face That Day - The judgement Day.